The new EP has received a fair amount of air time on college radio. A particular station in South NJ has informed us that not only has Bruce been accepted to the NACC for consideration of their 200 chart. but also the college station in South NJ has also has placed Bruce C. Stevenson’s “Thanking Jupiter” THE EP on their own station’s top 10 list. The station is WLFR 91.7 FM – Stockton University, NJ. Thank you to the DJ’s and the listener’s of college radio, it’s been an awesome ride so far and we hope for good things in the future.

Good news, Bruce is working on new music as we speak. The plan is to create more new awesome pop Americana music in the musical styling’s of Bruce C. Stevenson every month. We will also release a preview of the song a week before the full video on social media and the website so keep a look out for that twice a month. The site has a new video’s page that includes the Song of the Month and links to all past Song of the Month’s as well as other great content. This is all in anticipation of a new album to be released sometime next year.

Twin Vision ,whom we have engaged to do our Triple A and Americana radio promotion, keeps us and you updated every week with new data and information from live, terrestrial radio stations. This week songs from Bruce C. Stevenson’s pop Americana release “Thanking Jupiter” THE EP have been added to even more radio station playlist’s, including KAFM Grand Junction which has both DJ rotation’s and a iTunes and Apple Radio presence. We are very excited about the progress. This and over 3,000 views on High Times TV will help exposure and on national charts such as Americana Music Association (AMA) and NACC.

There is a team behind Bruce’s THE EP release. We are working on getting his music in as many hands as possible. This mostly includes radio stations on the local level, since this is the path to national airtime and the various national music charts. There is a long list of radio stations reviewing “Thanking Jupiter” THE EP. Of these stations, a handful have verified they will be playing song’s from THE EP on their stations during live airtime. This post includes a list of these stations that will be updated weekly. Thank’s to all the stations DJ’s thus far on board, playing the album, and a double thank you to the listener’s as well.

It’s only been a few weeks since the release of THE EP and we are currently in the process of getting airplay on local and national radio stations. Radio is still important in today’s digital world and we look forward to hearing great thing’s back from the listener’s of any stations whom pick up the album. One of the first organization’s to express interest in “Thanking Jupiter” THE EP for their airplay channels is Friday Morning Quarterback.

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