As part of his promotional “Song of the Month” series, recording artist bruceCstevenson will be releasing his latest video December 19th… entitled “A Peace of Your Heart” the song is a harsh depiction of today’s world society with a positive message that we all can make a difference with needed changes and acceptance of global unity.

This week includes 15 new radio stations adding radio airplay of songs from THE EP. This makes a total of 40 stations so far since the release. There is also a internet radio/concert station call Roots Revival Radio Belgium playing Bruce C. Stevenson – “Thanking Jupiter” – THE EP on regular rotation. It’s great seeing the album getting some international play and recognition. Out of this weeks airplay report there are 4 new adds from outside the US. This is all really good news.

Here is the updates on Radio Airplay for “Thanking Jupiter” THE EP. As always, we are happy to say we on the way to reaching more listener’s for THE EP. Check back for more news about where to hear Bruce’s music on the radio as we are updated from Bruce’s Manager Glenn Friedman and Twin Vision. Thank’s to all the stations DJ’s thus far on board, playing the album, and a double thank you to the listener’s as well. As usual, your comment’s are kindly appreciated.

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