We are coming to an end of a great splash on the air waves. Over 40 stations picked up “Thanking Jupiter” THE EP. Many thanks to all the station DJ’s and their supporters. Along with the headliner song “Nature’s Way” there was an enormous amount of plays of “Old Man” straight off THE EP. A special thanks to KCSS in Turlock/Modesto that played “Old Man” on heavy rotation last week. If you weren’t able to hear it on one of the listed stations, it’s available for streaming on all major digital channels.

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  • KZUM 89.3 FM – Lincoln, NE
  • Radio ATL 105.9 FM- Roots Revival Radio – Bree, Belgium
  • WMNF 88.5 FM – Community Conscious Radio – Tampa, FL
  • KDHX 88.1 FM – St. Louis, MO

Radio On Air Picture


In related news, you can hear Bruce C. Stevenson phone in to WBSD, Burlington, Wisconsin happening in the next few weeks. Stay tuned on social media and the website for more information on the time and date. We will be posting the recording of his conversation with the local DJ there after the fact.

One last update, we decided to help listeners get to know bruceCstevenson the artist better by posting regular video conversations on topics such as current events, news and, of course, music. This is in the works and should surface early next year on the website and news page.

Thank’s to all the stations DJ’s thus far on board, playing the album, and a double thank you to the listener’s as well. As usual, your comment’s are kindly appreciated.

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