The new EP has received a fair amount of air time on college radio. A particular station in South NJ has informed us that not only has Bruce been accepted to the NACC for consideration of their 200 chart. but also the college station in South NJ has also has placed Bruce C. Stevenson’s “Thanking Jupiter” THE EP on their own station’s top 10 list. The station is WLFR 91.7 FM – Stockton University, NJ. Thank you to the DJ’s and the listener’s of college radio, it’s been an awesome ride so far and we hope for good things in the future.

Here is their current top 10 list:

  1. “DEATH VALLEY GIRLS”,”Darkness Rains”,”Suicide Squeeze”
  2. “ALL THEM WITCHES”,ATW,”New West”
  3. “YOKO ONO”,Warzone,Chimera
  5. “NUDE PARTY, THE”,”The Nude Party”,”New West”
  6. MEWITHOUTYOU,[untitled],”Run For Cover”
  7. “ST VINCENT”,MassEducation,”Loma Vista”
  8. “VOICE OF ACTION”,”Voice Of Action”,Lotuspool
  9. “BRUCE C STEVENSON”,”Thanking Jupiter [EP]”,Self-Released
  10. “JUDITH OWEN”,Rediscovered,Twanky
9 on the NACC charts

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