We recently received word through Glenn the marketing manager for Bruce C. Stevensons Music, that we are gaining confirmed airplay on prominent radio stations. This airplay currently is local and college stations that play Americana and pop music. The great news about this is that it is a step towards getting noticed on the national level. Once they hear good things back or a stations producer decide THE EP is ready for prime time it will get more airplay locally which in turn feeds into a higher response in the charts. Eventually, we hope we will gain recognition on the various national charts such as Americana Music Association (AMA) and NACC. One important proponent in this process is you, the listener. Call in, email and let your voice be heard. Let them know you heard THE EP and you liked it and want to hear more. This helps the stations select more music like this, as well as let’s them know the music is resonating with their listeners. Below is a list places you may hear “Thanking Jupiter” THE EP on the radio:

Radio On Air Picture

We are happy to say we are well on the way to reaching more listener’s for THE EP. Check back for more news about where to hear Bruce’s music on the radio as we are updated from Bruce’s Manager Glenn Friedman. Thank’s to all the stations DJ’s thus far on board, playing the album, and a double thank you to the listener’s as well. As usually, your comment’s are kindly appreciated.

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