Radio airplay adds have been slowing down somewhat in the New Year 2019. We had over 40+ stations add in 2018 after the release of THE EP. Since the last update a few weeks ago there have been 7 new adds.

  • CHMR 93.5 FM – St. Johns, Canada
  • KMSC 1500 AM – Minnesota State University Radio – Moorhead, MN
  • KPFT 90.1 FM – Houston, TX
  • KRFC 88.9 FM – Fort Collins, CO
  • KVMR 89.5 & 105.1 FM – Nevada City, CA
  • Radio Crystal Blue Online Podcast
  • WHAY 98.3 FM – Americana Radio – Whitley City, KY

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Radio On Air Picture

Thank’s to all the stations DJ’s who recently started supporting the music by playing “Thanking Jupiter” THE EP, and a double thank you to the listener’s as well.

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