There is quite a long list of new radio stations picking up “Thanking Jupiter” THE EP this week. The list includes 15 new stations rounding out the total of 40 stations that have played THE EP at one time or another. One important proponent in this process is you, the listener. Call in, email and let your voice be heard. Let them know you heard THE EP and you liked it and want to hear more. This helps the stations select more music like this, and let’s them know the music is resonating with their listeners. Below is a list new radio station’s you may hear “Thanking Jupiter” THE EP on the radio:

  • CHMR 93.5 FM – St John’s, Canada
  • ISA Radio Mike The Frenchy – Europe
  • KBUT 90.3 FM – Crested Butte, CO – Soundcloud & Twitter
  • KAOS 89.3 FM – Olympia, WA
  • KSER 90.7 FM – Everett, WA
  • Public Radio in Landsmeer Netherlands
  • Town & Country Show Aschendorf, Germany
  • WBSD 89.1 FM – Burlington, WI
  • WERU 89.9 FM & 99.9 FM – East Orland, ME
  • WHFR 89.3 FM – Dearborn, MI
  • WIDR 89.1 FM – Kalamazoo, MI – Western Michigan University
  • WLUR 91.5 FM – Lexington, VA
  • WRIR 97.3 FM – Richmond, VA
  • WRUW 91.1 FM – Cleveland, OH
  • WTCC 90.7 FM – Springfield, MA

Radio On Air Picture

There is also a internet radio/concert station call Roots Revival Radio Belgium playing Bruce C. Stevenson – “Thanking Jupiter” – THE EP on regular rotation. It’s great seeing the album getting some international play and recognition. Out of this weeks airplay report there are 4 new adds from outside the US. This is all really good news.

As always, we are happy to say we on the way to reaching more listener’s for THE EP. Check back for more news about where to hear Bruce’s music on the radio as we are updated from Bruce’s Manager Glenn Friedman and Twin Vision. Thank’s to all the stations DJ’s thus far on board, playing the album, and a double thank you to the listener’s as well. As usual, your comment’s are kindly appreciated.

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