High times Interview for Oct 28 – 31 -2018

Enlightened Interviewer: Mr Stevenson , how did you come up with the name of your recording as “Thanking Jupiter ?

Bruce C. Stevenson: Please it is Bruce … Without the planet Jupiter’s GRAVITATIONAL pull, the earth would have been smashed to pieces millions of years ago.

Enlightened Interviewer: Does this tie into your prevailing message about engaging your fans for better understanding of where we stand today ?
Bruce : If I can help make the slightest positive difference for our earth, I will be quite happy.

Enlightened Interviewer: What’s your outlook about earth right now?

High Times TV

Bruce : Cataclysmic if we do not immediately stop polluting the oceans, the skies, the lakes and so on. Alternative fuels are must just like alternatives to traditional medicine and healing must move forward.

Enlightened Interviewer: Curiously what does the C stand for in your name?

Bruce : Cannabis. …. ( smiling )

Enlightened Interviewer: Who was involved with these JUPITER projects with you.

Bruce : Grammy award winner producer / engineer and programmer Bill Drescher. We recorded much of the music in Lake Tahoe. Both recordings are on our label, PLUTO UNDERGROUND and available via CD Baby or wherever you listen , buy or stream .

Enlightened Interviewer:
Well that about raps it up except where can one hear the THANKING JUPITER the original and Thanking Jupiter THE E P ?

Bruce: Please just follow our links and everything will be simply divine. . See both videos on You Tube and we are even on vinyl. That’s thru the IDC out of San Francisco

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