Your walking into a Halloween party and the DJ is playing Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” or Chic “Freak Out”. People around you look remind you of extra’s from Rocky Horror Picture show or a B-Movie horror flick. It’s a funky good time. To not define the Halloween holiday is to get wrapped up in it’s mystique. Even if you aren’t the type to dress up or go out and party chances are your setting aside some candy just in case the kids around the block come by to trick or treat. Halloween reminds us of our youth when we could imagine we were anything we wanted to be. Music holds a special place in our youth because it also transports us to a new realm where the musician has prepared for us a delightful assortment of notes that are specially arranged to make us feel something. Halloween music that really fits the bill isn’t just something that scares us, it has to move us into that special mode where we can be anybody and anything. Funk music with it’s bevy of deep bass lines and treble mixed in with an assortment of digitized vocals often shows us what the musician’s imaginations are capable off. Let’s even use Jimi Hendrix as a more transcendental example. His music was heavy but his vocals gave the airy feel of mystery and suspense. His voice was deep and capable of sustaining melodies that were short almost as if they were staccato over long guitar riffs. His music left us with the question where is this going? Don’t think Rock like Jimi Hendrix was Funky enough what about AC/DC “Highway to Hell” or Blue Oyster Cult “Don’t Fear, the Reaper”. There is also Santana’s “Black Magic Woman” to take it back to Funk music we might be more familiar with. There are examples that are closer to traditional Funk music but when it comes to Halloween songs Funk stylings and Rock are a “Monster Mash” (Sorry for the pun). If you don’t believe it, mix these songs in with a few of your favorite funk artists or even one of Bruce C. Stevenson’s songs like “I’ll Never be far Away”. You will have the perfect Halloween mix. Halloween is just a few days before the Christian Day of All Hallows and Souls day which is observed to remember the souls of those who have passed away. Halloween is actually a Hallows Eve. Much like when a loved one moves on to the next life, we are left here to wonder where to they go. Some people might consider Halloween an opportunity to disguise yourself as a monster or witch who marks the other side of the soul equation. The monsters and creepy things that go bump in the night. Others might just decorate your house to stay festive. Either way maybe add some music to the mix, go to spotify and play one of these playlists to get in the mood for Halloween. If you are feeling so inclined also play bruceCstevensons album “Thanking Jupiter” to see if it sparks the imagination or buy it on iTunes.

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