Bruce has used quite a few instruments over the years to play his music. One of the most notable guitar’s in his collection is the Gibson Les Paul (pictured at the bottom of this post). Some honorable mentions are the 4 described in this older post. There are many models and versions of the Les Paul that have been released over the years, but they generally stick to 4 models with increasing value and quality. The Epiphone Standard Series, Traditional Pro-II, SL and lastly the custom series. The one that Bruce owns is Standard model with a unique, sea foam “scrub”; with brand new zebra pickups. Even though this is technically a base model the guitar’s are all aimed at professional enthusiasts with a price tag in the $3,000 range. Made in the USA these guitars feature AAA+ figured maple top, comfortable asymmetrical Slim Taper neck profile, fast-access heel, soloist neck width, Ultra-Modern weight relief with belly scarf and exceptional sonic tonal variety provided by 4 push-pull pots and an internal 5 position DIP switch for a multitude of tonal variations. Chrome hardware, Locking Keystone Tuners, Clear Top Hat knobs and BurstBucker Rhythm Pro and BurstBucker Lead Pro and pickups with chrome trim rings. The Gibson Les Paul is definitely for the players.

History of the Les Paul Guitar

To read a little more about the Les Paul Guitar we have included a history of the man himself Les Paul. For more info about the guitar and models visit the Musician’s Friend website.

The guitar that bears Les Paul’s name is among the most iconic instruments that have helped shape the sound of popular music. Since its introduction in 1952, the LP’s rich, thick, midrange-focused tone, coupled with a prodigious ability to sustain notes has had a huge impact on the sound of rock, blues, metal, and those genres’ modern offshoots.

Though there’s some controversy about exactly who contributed what elements, it’s clear that the LP was the result of a fateful collaboration between Gibson president Ted McCarty and Les Paul, the brilliant country and jazz guitarist and compulsive inventor and tinkerer. The trajectory of Gibson’s product line and Paul’s search for an electric guitar with more sustain and less feedback made that collaboration more or less inevitable.

bruceCstevenson’s Gibson Les Paul

Gibson Les Paul Guitar

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