Category: Song of the Month

To kick off January we have a new song and music video from bruceCstevenson called “Talkin’ to You”. We will continue to bring you new video’s every third Wednesday of the Month. So look for the full video coming to social media and this website on Wednesday January 23rd.

December is here and with the holiday season comes good tiding to all. The new song of the month “A Peace of your Heart” Full length video reminds us of global unity and hopes of a better world for all human beings. We all were given a heart and hopefully this song speaks to yours as well. Check out the video’s page for more videos and updates on next months video.

As part of his promotional “Song of the Month” series, recording artist bruceCstevenson will be releasing his latest video December 19th… entitled “A Peace of Your Heart” the song is a harsh depiction of today’s world society with a positive message that we all can make a difference with needed changes and acceptance of global unity.

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