If you haven’t heard there is a new High Times TV channel, website and social media outlet for all the modern day weed lovers. Bruce will be featured in a commercial spot on their site in the next few weeks and they have given us the pleasure of interviewing Bruce to familiarize their viewer’s through the written interview medium. Get to know Bruce and his music a little better with this informal introduction.

Announcing the Debut solo album from Bruce C. Stevenson, “Thanking Jupiter”. Featuring the song and music video “Nature’s Way”. You can find more information about the release here as well as through-out the site. Bruce is currently actively working on his EP next release.

This post features many of the guitars that Bruce C. Stevenson uses regularly to create his music. A short read that will give you some history behind the instruments and the musician’s inspirations. (Pictured Guitar – Gretsch “Billy Bo”)

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